Da Nang administration goes online to listen to citizens’ complaints

25-10-2016 | 16:44
The administration of the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang has taken to the Internet to listen to complaints about any issues, from social crimes and traffic safety to the environment and infrastructure, with swift responses ensured.

The municipal administration on Friday inaugurated a new webpage,http://egov.danang.gov.vn/gop-y, open to reports and complaints about Da Nang-related social problems from both local residents and tourists.

The webpage has a clear, user-friendly interface, listing six groups of issues, namely the environment, traffic safety, social evils, infrastructure-urban construction, beggars-street vendors, and other issues.

People need to sign up for an “online citizen account” before they can submit their complaints, according to the webpage’s instruction.

The Da Nang Public Service Portal is tasked with receiving complaints from citizens and forwarding them to the correct agencies authorized to resolve them, according to the city’s administration.

These agencies are given three days at most to respond to the complaints, but more complicated issues must be addressed to the administration.

People will be notified by the webpage when their feedback is replied.

The webpage, however, does not have an English version, thus it is apparently open to Vietnamese-speaking people only.

Some 850km north of Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang is the economic and tourism hub of central Vietnam.

The city is known for its well-preserved nature, with beautiful beaches fronting the East Vietnam Sea and tough policies against crimes, beggars and peddlers.

The feedback webpage is therefore seen as yet another good step taken by officials in what is considered ‘a city worth living in’ to improve the living standards of its citizens and make it more attractive to tourists.

Last year the Da Nang Public Service Portal also opened a hotline for authorities to listen to their citizens.

From March to December 2015, the operator took 520 phone calls, and most of the grievances have been addressed timely.